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Work/service platforms are usually supplied anchored or mobile. Their characteristic feature is copying the outline of technological units and objects for which they are intended to be operated. Platforms include a large range of access stairs, ladders, perimeter railings, traveling/driving or anchoring elements, barriers, etc. Bearing and anchoring elements are most often steel or stainless steel, walking and railing systems made of aluminum.



Bridges the standard defines traveling ladders with a platform.

The basic characteristics are: Platform area max. 1x1m, height from 0.4m to 5m, inclination of the output arm from 45° and more, locked wheels. We therefore supply many different shapes of the bridges, there are several variants of floor and stair elements, traveling/driving elements, handrails, ladder handrails, entrance gates, stabilization elements and counterweights to choose from.



Stairs and staircases in free-standing, anchored (e.g. conveyor crossings), built-in (part of technology), or mobile variants are available. Stairs always have a slope that allows people to safely descend "face down" (angle of 45° and less), complete with handrails. The individual stair steps are supplied mainly from safety pressed gratings, but for a dry and clean environment we also recommend massive closed grooved AL profiles.



Stepstools are free-standing, mobile work tools. One-sided or double-sided variants available. The steps also always have a slope that allows people to safely descend "face down" (angle of 45° and less), they can be supplemented with a handrail. The all-aluminum construction ensures low weight and good handling of the product.



The largest group of our products - anchored, non-anchored, free-standing or leaning, fixed threaded or welded joints.


Other production

The company's production potential is constantly expanding and adapting to customer requirements. We are able to offer diverse and constructive solutions. Therefore, do not hesitate to formulate your assignment and send a request for the assessment of your projects, we will be happy to participate in their implementation. Our technicians are ready to design and visualize your requirements and offer the most suitable technical solution.

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